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Hello Guys Welcome To My Web Rpg Forum.

-now you are on a mission in this Rpg forum, which is not a simulator.
but a role-playing game that you will play in the real world live.

-and this forum is where you discuss and plan everything for you to do and make it happen in the real world.
This web forum is a portal that connects your virtual community with real-world action, for a revolution, the struggle to uphold truth and justice, fight for human rights and humanity, stop and defeat all oppression, the beast satanic system and the evil conspiracy of the global elite, and tyranny.

-and for the sake of achieving common change and prosperity, as well as creating peace on a just and civilized basis.

let's fight & struggle together, my brothers.!!!!!!!

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some people may feel boring, to be here.

but you can act as an observer of global issues, a news and information scout around the world. likes stalkers and watcher or mybe will be the walkers in cybernet.

and maybe this site link that I share, can open your knowledge to another higher level.
This Link My Web to connected to Other mY web & to many Important link web

1. surveillance of world trending topics via twitter

2. reconnaissance trending videos on youtube.

3. hunting user info and hashtags on Instagram

4. metasearch to find the faces of someone who is identical and matched

5. hunting all kinds of news updates

6. visit underground forums for updates and important info.  <-- Use Vpn on browser to open, or edit file host on ur root directory on ur gadget
http://www.ramble.i2p/   <-- open use browser i2p,and this link :

7. go to the New social network Generation for Revolution

8. go to the biggest and best Muslim social network & education in the world.

9. go to the new social network metro cyber
- scuttle butt (peer 2 peer) <-- open use apps.  and this link for download :

10. go to special forums to ask and answer various things

11. search all federate server Pods likes mastodon.

12. visit forums for top and secret news providers.

13. visit the web that provides live, realtime news of war and conflict with map view

14. see trending topics on tumblr

15. find the best images, artwork and beautiful shots of paparazzi

16. visit the most naked video content and the forefront criticizing political issues and conspiracies

17. play game City Torn.

18.Library World Science

19.Another Mariana Search Engine Deep Web

20. My other Best Forum.

21. websites for all info survive & prepper at the end times era's

22. Website elite association world

23. world meter info

24. all info education

25. info alert weather disaster.

26. info time,flight, forbiden travel.

27. searching tons Ebook and Article

28. web social cool an offbeat.

29. Forum Learn FireArm & Gun.

30. Listen Music, Radio & Podcast Global.!/radio

31. Other Web Videos And Channel Movie Streaming

32. This Web Very Important Give service for Social chat & call which download they free Application with great security & privacy.

- Jabber chat , u must download client apps for able to chatting.  client jabber on desktop windows its "gajim" and
this link download :   . client jabber on linux :  or
client jabber android :,a%20browser%2C%20with%20an%20iOS%20version%20coming%20soon.
or  this link :,support%20for%20images%2C%20group%20chats%20and%20e2e%20encryption.

33. Link Web Important on surfing.

34.Chat Room Online

35. Download file & watch videos Torrent online

App for playing movie torrent file streaming,without download videos,only  from download file torrent direct.
link web dowload file totreent to play streaming on that apps. :   or

36.My Favorite web Quiz Trivia

37. cool software for pc.    <-- for exportfile web independent p2p via dekstop

37. My Favorite Game Now.   (runescapes)  (wyvern)  (habbo , play only can used browser waterfox  with plugin adobe flash
player there)  (heroes and magic 2 , game pc offline)  (age of heroes online mmo)   (tibia private server)  (nexian kingdom mmo server indo)   (pokemon mmorpg)  (collection Game house deluge for pc)

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Link html channel survivalist youtuber

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